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Based in Nashville, TN, singer/songwriter Annie Lawrence’s music comes from raw moments of self-discovery, triumph & heartbreak that have shaped who she is today. In her upcoming album, “If I’m Being Honest,” set to release March 2019, Annie offers listeners an honest glimpse of her experiences, almost like a diary entry of sorts, offering listeners a vulnerable place to have a handful of “me too” moments.

Annie’s upcoming record, “If I’m Being Honest,” is the emblem of three  breakups, all of which kicked Annie’s heart around, almost like a soccer ball. While the album is not sad, although it has its moments, it is a strong, fierce and maybe-even-snarky response to the question, “What’s wrong with you, girl?” As you’ll soon find through her lyrics, there is more than meets the eye.

Annie Lawrence’s style could be described as “kitchen sink pop,” as it doesn’t seem to fit into any one genre - her latest songs are a little indie singer/songwriter, a little pop, a little folk and a little country, each song with unique flare, much like the unique twists & turns of Annie’s journey.

A cancer survivor of five years, Annie continues to draw strength & motivation knowing she was given a second chance at life. Admittedly honest in her lyrics, Annie enjoys speaking her truth to listeners, and views this challenge as one of the greatest pivot points in her life & music career. In moments of vulnerability, she’s enjoyed meeting new listeners who relate to her lyrics & who have followed her stories dating back to Vine days, where one of her videos went viral.

Inspired by a number of meaningful experiences, Annie draws inspiration from these memories as well as from songwriters including Nicole Galyon, Luke Laird, Shane McAnally. In 2017, Annie played on tour with Jenny & Tyler, and she has enjoyed opportunities to collaborate with gifted friends including Ellie Holcomb, Leslie Jordan (All Sons & Daughters), and Natalie Grant. With her 2015 full-length album, “Everything Changes,” and 2011 debut EP, “Light Is Stronger,” telling stories from those seasons of life, Annie is MOST excited to release her latest album, which reveals a new-and-improved version of herself she cannot wait for you to know.

Be sure to catch Annie on her album release tour this spring, and check out her newest singles, “Ashes & Smoke”, “Over Thinkin’”, “3 Years” and “Losing You”, available everywhere now. You can also catch Annie on Instagram (@annieplawrence) for a real-life glimpse of what she’s up to right now! She’d love to meet ya.



Three new singles by Annie Lawrence, off of her upcoming full length record (March 2019). Now available on all online platforms:





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"Annie's music is just like Annie herself: winsome, honest, heartfelt; never over-bearing yet perfectly inviting." - Natalie Grant, Grammy Nominated Artist

“Annie has a voice as big as her heart, which is to say, huge.”

“Annie's story and her music are sure to encourage & bless you.  Happy listening.” - Ellie Holcomb, Dove 2014 New Artist of the Year

"To know Annie is to love her. Her music exudes the warmth and light like a natural extension of the beautiful person she is." - Bernie Herms, Universal

“Annie has a voice as big as her heart, which is to say, huge.  I love that she's excited to sing about the great things in life and not afraid to look at the monsters in the closet, either.  Her bravery, her story, her work ethic, her talent, it all just comes together in a beautiful way.  There are young artists you work with who you expect to "get a real job" any day now, and then there are artists like Annie.  We'll be hearing from her for quite a while, I'm sure." - Andrew Osenga,  Capitol Records

“Annie's music lights up a room when she plays.  She exhibits a joy in performing that is rarely seen and she shares that joy freely with everyone she encounters.  She's a gem of an artist that is worth paying attention to." - Larry Kloess, Cause A Scene Nashville

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